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Optima Electronic Suppliers was established in July 1987 by Willy and Eva Kaulitz, who emigrated to SA from Germany. The George-based company, Optima Electronic Suppliers cc, began as a company specializing in data cables and building harnesses for UPS manufacturing - also supplying cables for most of the telecom companies on the Garden Route, and the Greater Western Cape area. Today, 27 years later, Optima Electronic Suppliers cc is owned by Robert Auer and the business still services George and the surrounding areas in general IT support, sales and network installations.

A highly specialized division of Optima that does sales, supplies and maintenance  of Weighing Equipment  was established in 2008 by Rober Auer (Current owner). Auer has around 16 years of experience in the scales and general weighing equipment field, having established his credentials under the tutelage of and as right-hand-man  to  Anton Jacobs of All Scale-fame in Cape Town, who was known as the ‘Mechanical King of Cape Town’ due to his unparalleled expertise in this highly-specialized field. Auer is trained to repair and maintain weighing equipment ranging from the old mechanical scales used by the railways in days gone by, right through to the latest digital equipment of our day.

Auer has employed his expertise and work ethic to service an extended portfolio of clients, amongst whom the following stands out:

  • Tiger brands - Langeberg Foods
  • Tiger Brands - Coleman Foods
  • Bromor Foods
  • Bokomo
  • Nampak
  • South African Sea Products
  • Sentinal Seafoods

Some of the clients listed above required the  servicing of up to an average of 40 scales on an on-going basis. These scales had to be serviced, calibrated and repaired on site. Complete  equipment installations were also done under the supervision and project management of Auer, such as tank weighers, silos and weigh bridges. Pack sheds, some sheds carrying 480 scales each, in the Kakamas/Keimoes area also were maintained under the management of Auer for a period of around three years, immediately preceding Auer’s acquiring of the Optima Electronics business in 2008. .

Robert Auer brought this expertise and accompanying reference- and relationship networks to Optima Electronics when he became the owner of it in 2008, and progressed to make a huge impression on this market segment locally, also due to expedited repair services and keenly competitive pricing.

 Today, whilst Optima Electronics is mainly a leading IT sales, supply, repair and maintenance enterprise, it also renders specialized services pertinent to weighing equipment to the likes of

  • Mac Cain Foods
  • Nova Feeds
  • Post Net
  • XPS Couriers
  • Southern Right Couriers
                             ...and more

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